Türkiye E-Ledger Solution

The e-Ledger application, mandated by the Turkish Revenue Administration (GIB) since its publication in December 2011, revolutionizes financial data transmission. It enables the electronic transmission of essential financial documents like journal files, certificates, general ledger books, and trial balance reports to the TRA, ensuring utmost data reliability and compliance with the standards set by the Revenue Administration.

The WAAS E-Ledger Solution, designed to seamlessly align with SAP, meticulously prepares all financial data in desired formats by extracting information from FI records. Each component undergoes electronic signature before being seamlessly dispatched to GIB (Gelir İdaresi Başkanlığı). Users can effortlessly track submission progress through the dedicated cockpit interface.

Key Features of the WAAS E-Ledger Solution:

  • Complete Data Transmission: Ensure comprehensive transmission of all crucial financial documents.
  • User-Based Authorization: Granular access controls enhance security over sensitive data.
  • Automated File Transfer: Approved files from GİB seamlessly integrate into your SAP system.
  • Flexible Document Downloads: Access documents in user-friendly formats like Excel and PDF on local devices.
  • Archival Convenience: Eliminate printing and archiving obligations while maintaining documents for the legal period.
  • Continuous Updates: Our dedicated teams maintain constant contact with TRA, ensuring prompt updates to align with regulatory changes.

Why Choose the WAAS E-Ledger Solution?

  • Efficiency: Simplify complex compliance processes and save valuable time.
  • Reliability: Trust in secure data transmission and strict adherence to regulatory standards.
  • Compliance Assurance: Ensure adherence to TRA requirements seamlessly within your SAP environment or independently.
  • Adaptability: Seamlessly integrate with SAP or operate independently through the intuitive WAAS e-Ledger Portal for ERP-agnostic operations.

Empower your financial reporting with the WAAS E-Ledger Solution - the definitive answer to electronic ledger compliance, ensuring precision, security, and seamless compliance with regulatory standards.

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