Germany e-Invoicing

Germany e-Invoicing

In a pivotal move effective from November 27, 2020, the German Federal Government has transitioned away from paper or PDF invoices for public procurement contracts.

Embracing Electronic Efficiency

Eligibility for E-Invoicing in Germany

Aligned with German and EU laws, every taxpayer holds eligibility to conduct billing processes using electronic invoices.

Mandatory B2B E-Invoicing in Germany?

While the government presently does not enforce business-to-business (B2B) e-invoicing, the strategic adoption of electronic invoicing is strongly recommended. Similar to Italy and France, Germany may potentially mandate B2B e-invoicing in the future.

Formats for Public Procurement E-Invoicing

The government advocates for the use of X-Rechnung or any EU-compliant format for government suppliers engaged in public procurement. These formats, designed for nationwide usability, are standardized, machine-readable, and seamlessly integrated into ERP Accounting systems.

Understanding X-Rechnung: Powering E-Invoicing Solutions

Exploring X-Rechnung

X-Rechnung, the official e-invoicing format endorsed by Bund, operates exclusively in XML format. It facilitates invoice transmission through the Peppol network managed by the Coordination Office for IT Standards (Kosit). Differing from ZUGFeRD, X-Rechnung focuses solely on the XML format, simplifying B2G transactions.

WAAS's E-Invoicing Solutions: Simplifying Operations

Leveraging WAAS's E-Invoicing Expertise

At WAAS, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored for creating and exchanging electronic invoices across diverse stakeholders, including public entities, organizations, and individuals.

  • Direct X-Rechnung Invoicing: Our solution seamlessly issues invoices directly in XML format, ensuring compliance with stringent government standards.
  • Peppol Network Integration: As a certified Peppol access point, our solution facilitates seamless transmission via the Peppol Network through Access Point Providers.
  • End-to-End E-Invoicing: WAAS's solution streamlines the entire invoicing process within SAP ecosystems, from data extraction and mapping to communication with tax authorities, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient solution.

At WAAS, we understand the significance of embracing electronic invoicing practices. Our tailored solutions ensure a seamless transition into the era of efficient, compliant, and digitally optimized invoicing operations.

Connect with us to explore how WAAS's tailored e-invoicing solutions can enhance and streamline your business operations within the German e-invoicing landscape.

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